Application For New Connection

Application For Service Connection

StepApplicant/ClientFront Line ServicesFEEForm/s to Fill-upProcessing TimeOffice/Person Responsible
1Request for Application FormAccounting Processor B orients applicant
existing water main in the applicant's area
Service Application and
Construction Order
45 mins
Technical Personnel/Customer
2Accomplished Contract for Water
Service Connection
Accounting Processor B orients applicant
of the provision of the contract
Contract Water Service
15 min
Accounting Processor B
3Forward accomlpished water service
contract to the GM for approval
5 mins
Accounting Processor B
4Pay installation chargesReceived Payments
Official Receipt
5 mins
Accounting Processor B
5Sign Ledger Card
Prepare Customer Ledger Card to be
signed by the applicant
Ledger Card
5 minsAccounting Processor B
6Prepare maintenance order for technical
Maintenance Order5 minsAccounting Processor B
7Assist water district personnel
during the conduct of site inspection
Field Inspection to determine the
materials needed
Note down needed
1/2 dayTechnical Team/Plumber
8Prepare request for materials needed for
installation for the approval of the GM
Store Requisition Slip
10 minsTechnical Team/Plumber
9GM approvalStore Requisition Slip
3 mins
10Forward Store requisition slip to the
storekeeper at the pumping station
Store Requisition Slip
20 mins
Technical Team/Plumber
11Issue/fabricate materials requested
1.5 hrs
Storekeeper &Plumber
12Sign aknowledgement form/
Maintenance Order
Install water service connection
Get meter Serial No. and
initial water meter
1 day
Technical Team/Plumber
13Forward complete service connection data
to master file and assign account
for billing reference
Customer Ledger Card
5 mins
Accounting Processor B


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